I read this last night, and was just having a conversation with my roommate about evolution...

Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2019-02-24 21:26:35
Edited:2019-02-24 21:27:26
In Reply To:Re: I agree. I suspect once people get tired of being lied to about taxes by the billionaires, things will improve. by squarooticus
...and I see a parallel here: The longer a species' typical lifespan, the longer evolution takes. Bacteria make evolutionary advances in days that take hundreds of thousands of years in humans. Right wingers who see the first two books of the Bible as the most accurate historical record we have, books that even some Christians write off as sub-apocryphal Mother Goose stories, will attack evolution partly on the grounds that we're not seeing it in humans. Similar idea, I think: People across the political spectrum want results right here, right now.

Carrie Fisher proclaimed:
Instant gratification takes too long.

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Oh mighty dictator of the spider's lair
Why are the smilies appropriate?
Your horse drawn wagon is as inexpensive as a London unforunate
Who can you please when your tree house of diamonds collapses?
Its ladder being pulled away by the children who won't grow
Unleash the lizard
Squash the rebellion, for they mean to commit highway robbery
Turn their words into incomprehensible letters
Prisoners of the physical realm
Only the arms of the bear can save them now
But the ref pulls out the red card
The crab of the downward spiral eats ravioli and ejaculates corrupt Linux files
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