Re: I agree. I suspect once people get tired of being lied to about taxes by the billionaires, things will improve.

Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2019-02-23 05:00:10
Edited:2019-02-23 05:00:50
In Reply To:I agree. I suspect once people get tired of being lied to about taxes by the billionaires, things will improve. by Russ
Russ proclaimed:
The issue is that billionaires, like Murdoch, own the media. They've been selling us a trickle down turd sandwich for decades. Trickle down economics is arguably the greatest con job pulled on the American public since Vietnam, and easily surpasses GWB's bumbling reasons for invading Iraq. Trump might give TDE a run for its money, by shamelessly destroying our trust in Washington, and pitting the lower classes against each other
Sometimes supply side/trickle down economics works out the way we want it to, sometimes it doesn't. In each case, each side points to the evidence to which they're led by selection bias, and maintains it constitutes empirical proof that they're right. When supply side theory doesn't work, it's yet another area where I advocate social law: Make it socially unacceptable for people to hoard wealth without giving back to the community, or at least reinvesting some of it in a way that creates jobs.

Russ proclaimed:
The solution is moderates. We desperately need more moderates. I would have enjoyed a Ron Paul presidency, but his window has passed, and very very few have followed in his footsteps. Even his own son rejected his father's beliefs.
I'd love to see him elected president, but Ron Paul is hardly a moderate! :) This is a guy who has promised to abolish the IRS in his first week as president, and to dismantle everything that depends on it. While it's possible that this could end in Obama-esque "it's complicated" excuses, personally I think he was serious. Some people saw this as the Republican version of "free lunches for everyone" populist pandering, and said he had no such authority. Technically the president does; he'd be shutting down parts of the executive branch. But the shit would hit the fan, hard, and there would be immediate articles of impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee. Interesting times, indeed. His son Rand OTOH is far closer to being a moderate.

One thing I've come to see though, is that while I don't believe Ron Paul is a racist himself he's willfully lied down with them. That picture of him with Ron Black doesn't lie, and can't be chalked up to Lew Rockwell ghostwriting on a bad day. I think that some libertarians see a realpolitik connection to white nationalism, but any common ground is illusory. Calling oneself both a minarchist and a white nationalist is pretty much the same thing (in terms of cognitive dissonance, not necessarily morality) as calling oneself a socialist and an anarchist: You can't advance those goals without government force. I, in any case can't suggest with a straight face to a non-white person that they should vote for someone like Ron Paul, unless Paul or another ultra-minarchist candidate completely eschews white supremacy. As I said recently, that it's easier to take a given stance on an issue from a position of privilege doesn't automatically make that stance wrong. But it does mean that one should advocate the stance from the position of understanding such privilege exists in the first place.

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