Well I'm no child. I'm such an adult, that...

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2017-10-10 09:30:24
In Reply To:Star Wars trailer by Casual Observer
... I didn't even know that this was the second trailer. I watched the old one from April thinking it was the new one and looked for the teddy bear in 1:33 and couldn't find it and I began wondering what was wrong with you. Why would you take the time to post a fake pic to make Star Wars look bad I wondered.

You see I'm so mature that keeping track of Star Wars trailer is not a high priority for me. Clearly you're not as mature seeing as you watched and began discussing this new trailer the very same second it was released. I find your childishness to be rather immature. I also didn't feel any joy or excitement when watching the trailer whatsoever. To me it was a chore. Watching it just for you, because you said there was something childish in it. What a shock! Thx for wasting my time with children's news.

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