It varies.

Date:2017-10-12 04:10:21
In Reply To:Re: Star Wars trailer by Cheiron
Generally speaking, producers are the "general managers" that oversee everything. They may be more hands-on, as is the case with Kevin Feige who produces the Marvel films, or they may be more hands-off, as is the case with Chuck Roven who did the Nolan Batman films. All of them are involved in writing, story-boarding and editing. Some are much more involved than others. Kathy is probably less involved than Kevin. Alan Horn, her boss, will be involved, too, but not a day-to-day micromanager.

When actors are producers, they are usually pretty involved. When they are executive producers, it's usually to give them a fancy title. EPs are otherwise generally people that provide financing, though in some cases it could be writers or directors who were involved in previous films in a series (or a previous iteration of a script).

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